About Tymin White List Call Blocker TM-PA009E

TM-PA009E white list call blocker target to block nuisance calls from Telemarketers, International call centers, Robocalls, Charities and Politicians ect . It features 1500 groups blacklist function. Besides, this model also has white list function to give the permission to white list numbers, while other numbers can not be called in when the white list function is on . TM-PA009E support Caller ID display with blue backlight and this is convenient for user to view the incoming calls in the evening. This is a most important solution to keep your home quite and peace.

* When there is incoming call, you could see the incoming number in the caller ID. If you recognize it as a nuisance call and refuse to answer it, you just need to press “Blacklist” button to block it, then this number will go into your blacklist group.

* This is a way to avoid the harassing phone calls.

* The “White List” means when you have set the white list numbers, only these white list numbers can be called in successfully, while others phone numbers will be blocked automatically.


1. Whitelist max up to 1500 groups in 15 digits. 2. Blacklist max up to 1500 groups in 15 digits. 3. Incoming calls max up to 100 groups in 15 digits. 4. Outgoing calls max up to 50 groups in 15 digits. 5. Block area codes max up to 20 groups in 10 digits. 6. Retain stored data even lose power. 7. 5 levels LCD adjustable. 8. LCD display in 15 digits. 9. Backlight function. 10. FSK/ DTMF dual system.

Main Features

* Whitelist max up to 1500 groups in 15 digits
* Blacklist max up to 1500 groups in 15 digits
* Incoming calls max up to 100 groups in 15 digits
* Outgoing calls max up to 50 groups in 15 digits
* Block area codes max up to 20 groups in 10 digits
* Retain stored data even lose power
* 5 levels LCD adjustable
* LCD display in 15 digits
* Backlight function
* FSK/ DTMF dual system

Large storage capacity: block all unwanted calls, cold calls, telemarketing calls, political calls, up to 4000 sets numbers.

Block unknown numbers: This box adopts high-tech technology, and it will analyze the calls before signal pass to phone. Block all no ID calls.

Pre-programe blacklist numbers quickly: creat blacklist numbers easily and quickly. To operate blocker with an easy manual .

Quick and easy operation: Say goodbye to cheater.

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number


Product Name

White List Call Blocker


Corded Telephone


White, black or customized

Logo Printing

"Tymin" or customized


Office or Home


ABS mainly

Package size

10.2*5.5*13.5 CM


1.How to create a blacklist? There are three ways:

(1)Press “L/R” to check those incoming calls, press the red button “BLOCK” for the unwanted numbers and “SAVE-SUCCEED” will show on the screen.

(2)When answering phone calls, press”*” on your phone until “SAVE-SUCCEED” on the screen of the blocker.

(3)Pick up the phone handset, press”** + phone numbers + #”Until “SAVE-SUCCEED” shows.

2.How to remove numbers from blacklist?

Press “BLOCK” button on blocker, and then press “L/R” to check the blacklist. Press “DELETE” twice quickly until “SAVE-SUCCEED” shows.

3. How to delete all Incoming Calls?

Press “L/R” to check unwanted numbers, Press “DELETE” twice quickly to delete a number, but press “DELETE” for 3 seconds to remove all incoming calls after “DONE” shows on the screen.

4.How to Block NO CID Calls?

Press “NO CID/BACK”, use “L/R” to choose “ON/OFF”, press “NO CID/BACK” to save. all calls with NO CID will be rejected directly.

5.The device does not display the name of the caller.

Package include:

1x Connect cord

1x call blocker

1x installation guide

1x Warranty card

1 x English user manual


* FSK/DTMF dual system
*16 digits LCD display
*100 sets incoming call records
*50 sets outgoing call records
*1000 groups 16 digit blacklist
*4 levels of LCD brightness adjustable
*100 sets of telephone numbers blocked to be dialed
*10 sets of prefix numbers in blacklist(10 digit)
Highly recommend it to anyone who hates telemarketing,especially for those who retired, want to return to a leisure life.


1. Adding Call Numbers Into Blacklist

1.1: Pressing button “BLOCK”, can block the call numbers you don’t want that shown on display, then mode displays “SUCCEED” after operation.

1.2: Pressing button “*” on telephone when answering, then that incoming call will be blocked, the mode displays “SUCCEED” after operation.

1.3: Using telephone to add call numbers into blacklist: Pressing speakerphone at first; Secondly, press two “*” on telephone; thirdly, add call numbers; finally press button “#”, then mode displays “SUCCEED” after operation.(After first operation succeed, the mode displays “_”, then can add second call numbers into blacklist with the same operation.)

2: Reviewing And Deleting Blacklist

When telephone in stand-by mode, press button “BLOCK”, use button “UP” or “DOWN” to review all blacklists. When reviewing blacklist, press button “DEL” twice, that blocked call numbers released, the mode displays “SUCCEED” after operation.

3: Reviewing New Incoming Calls

Pressing button “UP” or “DOWN”, can review incoming call numbers, please keep pressing button “DOWN” if want to see more. When see the call numbers that want to block on reviewing, press button “BLOCK”, that number will be added into blacklist, the mode displays “SUCCEED” after operation.

4: Deleting Incoming Call Numbers

When reviewing incoming call numbers, quick press button “DEL” twice, the call numbers deleted. And all the incoming call numbers can be deleted when press button “DEL” for 3s. After that, the mode displays “SUCCEED” after operation.

5: Blocking Call Numbers With No Call Numbers Shown On Display

First press button “NO CID/BACK” , then press button “DOWN”, when mode displays “BLOCK NO CID”, can block call numbers with no call numbers shown on display; If no “BLOCK NO CID” shown on display, the call numbers with no call numbers shown on display can call in.

6: Lightness Adjustable

When display is not clear, press button “DOWN” for 3s, the display shows “lcd + lightness level” , use button “UP” or “DOWN” to choose right lightness, when finished, press button “NO CID/BACK” exits.


How to install the device?

(1) Connect the phone line with caller ID service to the “Line” jack at the bottom of the call blocker;

(2) Use the telephone line cord in the gift box to connect the telephone and the “Phone” jack on the device.

(3) Then you will see the caller ID display on the call blocker;


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